What We Buy


Get a quick cash, no-qualifying loan today!

In times of financial stress when you need quick cash but you have bad credit, a pawn shop loan is a good solution.

How does a pawn shop loan work?

Sharpy’s Pawn is here to take the stress off  of you with a no-qualifying pawn loan. Simply bring your auto, jewelry, gold or other valuable items into any of our Pueblo, Colorado locations. We have appraisers on hand to give you an expert appraisal of your merchandise. We’ll make you an offer and you can walk out with cash in hand in a matter of minutes. If you prefer, you can simply sell your items on the spot.

We buy everything that can fit into our front door

— and some things that don’t. Bring in that box of forgotten DVDs, tools or jewelry and let us sort it for you. Your junk could turn into your treasure. Come to our store and you’ll see that we’re interested in just about everything. We have rows of bicycles; shelf after shelf of tools – some professional grade; thousands of movies and CDs; musical instruments; fine jewelry, including designer brands; appliances, from kitchen-ready ones to small bathroom electronics to stereo and TV equipment you’d pay a lot more for in regular stores. We buy gold. We buy silver. We buy platinum. We buy diamonds. Sharpy’s pays for your unused, broken and unwanted jewelry! We buy televisions. We buy tool sets. People often call us and ask, “Do you buy XYZ?” Our answer is always the same, “Bring it in!”. If after you trade in your stuff you decide you want to spend your new money in our stores, let us know. We’ll throw in a few more dollars. We are always happy to have satisfied customers.

Items we loan on…

  • Luxury and designer goods
  • Gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Jewelry, diamonds and other gems
  • Electronics and computer equipment
  • Gift Cards
  • Watches
  • Fine Art
  • Motorcycles and ATVs
  • Antiques
And more! JEWELRY 10k – 24k gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, precious stones, HOMEWARES microwaves, fans, air conditioners WATCHES Men’s and women’s name-brand watches SPORTING GOODS Bikes, mopeds, camping equipment, exercise equipment, raqcuet sports, skis, Fishing equipment, binoculars, telescopes, surf boards, GPS systems PHOTOGRAPHIC Digital cameras, projectors, COMPUTERS Scanners, Laptops and Desktops with recent operating systems. TOOLS Hand Tools, Power Tools, Garden tools, Compressors, Air tools AUTO PRODUCTS Specialty Wheels, Tires and Performance Parts. TV’S/ VIDEO DVD players/recorders, LED/LCD Televisions, Blue Ray Players. GAMES X-box and Playstation games and controllers. AUDIO EQUIPMENT Name Brand Amps, Radios, Tuners, Speakers and MP3 players. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Amps, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Instruments, Mixers AUTO STEREO Amps, Speakers, CD players, Navigation aids, DVD players OFFICE EQUIPMENT Calculators, Cell Phones, Telephones